Vernon Quarstein

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Vernon.jpg (23 KB)“The idea for Healthy Jingles dates to back to when I was working on my MBA at William and Mary. At that time I was smoking, and I had tried everything to quit. But what finally worked was a jingle I composed and memorized. Every time I wanted a cigarette that jingle would pop into mind and my brain would say “stop!” After 25 years of smoking, I quit in just 20 days. I also used jingles to lose weight. I found that jingles are very powerful in helping to break bad habits. They become encoded in the brain and influence behavior. But it seemed that no one had taken this concept and related it systematically to health. This was the inspiration for my first book Healthy Jingles for the Mind and Body. Continue reading

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Welcome to Your Creative Blog!

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Hi Everyone…and welcome to Your Creative Blog!

I’d like us to use this space to share ideas, news, and information related to how creativity (our own creativity and that of others) impacts and enhances our lives. I’d also like to share tips on ways to increase your own enjoyment and effectiveness through creative activity and thought. Continue reading

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