When Being Distracted Is a Good Thing

[The following article written by Jan Brogan appeared in the Boston Globe Health and Wellness section on 2/27/2012. By the way, in addition to writing for the Globe, Jan is also an award-winning mystery writer well known for her series … Continue reading

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Use Creativity to Combat Negative Emotions

No matter what your circumstances, you can use creativity to improve your mood. Here is a reprint of a blog I wrote for the website: The time during, between, and after deployments often include periods of negative feelings – … Continue reading

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Creative Ideas For Which I’m Thankful

As I reflect on Thanksgiving, I am surveying all the blessings and opportunities for which I am thankful. At the top of my list of blessings this season are my family, good friends, health, freedom, and the opportunity to do work I love. Continue reading

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Welcome to Your Creative Blog!

Hi Everyone…and welcome to Your Creative Blog!

I’d like us to use this space to share ideas, news, and information related to how creativity (our own creativity and that of others) impacts and enhances our lives. I’d also like to share tips on ways to increase your own enjoyment and effectiveness through creative activity and thought. Continue reading

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