Please select the answer that applies to you most of the time. Remember that there are no wrong answers.


When you read a magazine article, do you tend to skim the article looking for the main points or do you tend to read the article from the beginning word for word?

  A.  Skim
B.  Word for Word

When someone proposes a new project, are you able to immediately see what might go wrong?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you tend to prefer to multitask or do you tend to work on one project at a time?

  A.  Multitask
B.  One project at a time

Do you have a good sense of time or do you find that you often lose track of time?

  A.  Good sense of time
B.  Often lose track of time

Is it easy for you to think up new ideas?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Are you particularly good at spelling?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you find it hard to get hooked into the story of a movie or novel?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you often have vivid dreams?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Are you good at solving crossword puzzles?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you consider the following statement to be true or false:
"Everything is connected to everything else."

  A.  True
B.  False

When you go on vacation, do you prefer to have a set itinerary or do you prefer to have a freeform vacation?

  A.  Set itinerary
B.  Freeform

Do you prefer to eat dinner at the same time each night or do you prefer to eat whenever you get hungry?

  A.  Set time
B.  When I get hungry

When deciding how to get from point A to point B, do you prefer to have written or verbal instructions, or do you prefer to look at a map?

  A.  Written instructions
B.  Map

Do you believe you may be psychic?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you tend to think more in pictures or in words?

  A.  Pictures
B.  Words

Point A is your starting point and Point B is your destination. Which of the two paths below reflects your preferred journey?

  A.  Path A
B.  Path B

Do you think you would make a good movie critic?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

How do you typically respond if someone criticizes one of your ideas?

  A.  Try to get something constructive out of the criticism that can help you
B.  Become irritated with the critic
C.  Feel humiliated and shamed

Do you tend to spend a lot of time daydreaming?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

When you walk into a room, can you quickly notice is something is out of place?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you enjoy cleaning out your car, or do you find it to be a necessary chore?

  A.  I enjoy cleaning out my car.
B.  It is a necessary chore.

Does it feel like others just don't move fast enough for you?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

When you looked at the above diagram, which letter did you notice first?

  A.  P
B.  H

You've consented to host a fundraiser for a local charity at your home. Which of the tasks below describes the part you would like to play in this event?

  A.  I have a vision for this event, and I'd like to tell others my vision and let them handle the details.
B.  I'd like be directly involved in details such as planning the menu, the decorations, the entertainment, and the publicity.
C.  I'd like to be involved in as few details as possible. Just tell me when to show up for the party.
D.  I only consented to be the host because I felt guilty about not doing enough for my community.

Do you have days where you just don't want to get out of bed?

  A.  Yes
B.  Not really

Do you get excited to start a new project but have trouble finishing it?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you have trouble filtering out distracting noises?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Would others describe you as a "go-getter"?

  A.  Yes
B.  No

Do you often have periods where ideas chase each other in your head so fast you can hardly keep track of them?

  A.  Occasionally
B.  Often
C.  Never

Do you have often go on spending sprees?

  A.  Occasionally
B.  Often
C.  Never

Which of the following best describes how you would like to spend an evening with a friend?

  A.  Go to a movie and dinner
B.  Go someplace quiet to talk about your problems

Do you think other people would consider you to be upbeat or sort of a drag?

  A.  Upbeat
B.  A drag