Kelly Jennings

Cecily and Gwendolyn’s Fantastical…

I am an actor, improviser, theater artist. I believe live theater should engage an audience actively; They leave feeling as though they have had a real experience – they are not passive participants. I wanted to create a new style/form of improvisation that includes the audience as another character. Along with my friend and co-performer Karen Getz we have created a show that is unlike any other style of improv or theater currently being performed to the best of our knowledge. Our show *is* the audience. Our characters (Cecily and Gwendolyn, time traveling Victorians, self-proclaimed social anthropologists and adventurers)loosely guide the performance with a rough story outline (eg:Fantastical Paranormal and Quantum Entanglement Experiment) and summarize our *scientific discoveries* at the end but it is the audience-what they say, what they do, how they interact with us and each other that is the show. In every way we are building connections between communities, providing a *safe* way to openly discuss unique or differing points of view, and most importantly (to us) we are teaching adults how to *play* The show is difficult to describe but never fails to amaze. We are interested in bringing our work around the world through festivals or other venues. We hope to be seen in the 2011 Washington DC Fringe Festival. To learn more visit our website

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    We saw Kelly & Karen’s show this summer at the Cincinnati Fringe. It was very entertaining, engaging and fun. Absolutely creative