Susan Guild

The Pull on the Sleeve that Changed My Life
Susan C. Guild – Winchester, MA

As an empty – nester living the traditional life style with a successful sales career, wonderful family and extensive business travel, something was missing in my life. This “Pulling On My Sleeve,” as I call it, began tugging, nagging, and shouting “turn on your light.” Thus began my search for a deeper purpose of life.

Then and only then with this awareness did my creative muse explode through poetry,
journaling, doodling, lake retreats, writing and facilitating experiential workbooks and workshops. Next, Salve Regina University’s Summer Intensive Expressive Arts Course solidified my intuitive knowing of the strength of making the unconscious conscious through multi-layered creative modalities. This was my missing piece and beginning of my new career.

The excitement and thrill of sharing and teaching creative self empowerment to help people be their very best nourishes me, stretches me, and heals me at every level. It makes me feel alive and vibrant. My work now includes three different teaching media, which I call Wake Up Your Magic. I have written three books, including Wake Up Your Magic – One Woman’s Journey, Find Your Dancing Heart – 30 Days To A Whole New You, and The Red Polka Dotted Pillow – Wake Up The Real Who Within You. I also have my own cable TV show – called, of course, Wake Up Your Magic. And I facilitate a workshop called Wake Up Your Magic Heal From Within Circle Power.

I am in awe of the tremendous healing power of the creative energies within ourselves. Recognition of this power is emerging now on the frontier and cutting edge of learning and teaching, revealing how our authentic unique talents and imaginations can build a happier, healthier world. Magic happens as I live my creative dream!

Magically yours,
Susan C. Guild
The Wake Up Your Magic Lady
Life Alchemist

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  • Dr. Shelley Carson

    Susan’s search for meaning transformed a business career into a multi-media career of helping others to find the fulfillment to be discovered in creative expression. Creativity does indeed allow magic to happen! You can learn more about Susan, her books, and her tips for self-actualization at

  • Cash434

    This “Pulling On My Sleeve,” as I call it, began tugging, nagging, and shouting “turn on your light.” I hear that shout in massive stereo!