Praise for Dr. Carson’s Speaking

Here’s what people say about Shelley’s speaking:

“[Shelley] has that wonderful and rare mix of being a high qualified academic who knows her stuff – but she is approachable and down to earth.”

– Harvard CUE student evaluation

“Whether Shelley Carson is speaking to a small group of 10 people, or a large crowd of 1000 or more, she somehow connects personally with every member of the audience. Her intelligence and expertise is always apparent — as is her warmth and sincerity. It’s a great combination.”

– Steven Schragis, Founder of One Day University

“Shelley is a fantastic speaker who immediately appeals to the audience with her warmth and humor.  She can captivate college students and retirees with equal ease–and everyone in between!”
– Julie Silver, MD, assistant professor, Harvard Medical School and author of After Cancer Treatment: Heal Faster, Better, Stronger and What Helped Get Me Through: Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and Hope

“Shelley inspires and motivates!”
– Harvard CUE student evaluation

“I’ve never witnessed such spontaneous audience participation at any of the many programs I’ve attended.”
– Joseph Richards, event Program Committee at the Harvard Club of New York

“Dr. Carson is simply phenomenal!”
– Harvard CUE student evaluation

“Dr. Carson [gave] a wonderful presentation and we had such a great response from the attendees.”
– Lynn Marquis, Director of the Coalition for the Life Sciences

“[Dr. Carson] is clear, confident, energetic, riveting, and relevent!”
– Harvard CUE student evaluation

“Shelley Carson rocks!”
– Harvard CUE student evaluation

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