Your Creative Brain

Your Creative Brain: Seven Steps to Maximize Imagination, Productivity, and Innovation in Your Life

Why does creativity matter so much? The latest neuroscience research suggests that developing our creative potential will lead to greater success and fulfillment – in our personal and professional lives. And studies suggest that the most important asset we have for negotiating the accelerated-change climate of the 21st century and beyond, is our creative brains.

The trick is in understanding networks that connect our brain’s “hot spots” for creative thought, and then developing the ability to “turn on” these networks.  Each of us is stronger in some areas than others – some are great at brainstorming but weak in follow-through. Others experience creative block because they’re too critical or inhibited. And some people squelch their imaginations when they’re feeling low, rather than recognize that there is creative potential in a negative mood.

Based on the latest findings in neuroscience using brain imaging and neuropsychological testing, combined with interviews with hundreds of creative achievers, Dr. Carson has created a model of seven brain states – CREATES brainsets – of creativity. Through a variety of entertaining exercises, quizzes and problem sets she helps us identify and temper our own most effective brainsets – and strengthen those that are lower-performing.

The book:

  • Explains the seven CREATES brainsets – Connect, Reason, Envision, Absorb, Transform, Evaluate, and Stream – and how they relate to creativity, productivity, and innovation.
  • Provides quizzes, exercises, and self-tests to activate each of these seven brainsets to unlock our maximum creativity
  • This book is a Harvard Health Publication that offers helpful suggestions that can be applied in both your personal and professional life.

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