The CREATES Brainset Model

What kind of creative thinker are you?

The CREATES brainsets model is a set of seven brain activation states (or “brainsets”) that have relevance to the creative process. They are based on findings from neuroimaging, psycho-physiological studies, and my own extensive testing of hundreds of highly creative individuals. Each brain state has the potential to influence how you think, approach problems, and perceive the world (they are to the brain what “mindsets” are to the mind).

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These brainsets include Connect, Reason, Envision, Absorb, Transform, Evaluate, and Stream.

The CREATES model is based on three findings that have substantial scientific support:
first, creatively-productive individuals are able to access specific brain states that others may find more difficult or more uncomfortable to access
second, creatively-productive individuals are able to switch among different brain states depending upon the task at hand
and third, it is possible to train yourself to access these creative brainsets and to switch flexibly among them, even if this does not come naturally to you at first

Note that the CREATES model to be a work in progress. It will likely change and expand as we learn more about our creative brains!

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